Calgary's Kelly Oxford the latest Twitter denizen to go Hollywood

Canada's Kelly Oxford is the latest Twitter denizen to go Hollywood, with a TV pilot based on her life as a parent having been officially picked up by CBS.

The half-hour sitcom, tentatively titled The Mother of All Something, is being penned by the Calgary woman and counts actress Jessica Alba and Will & Grace scribe Jhoni Marchinko as producers.

"I know I'm going to be under the microscope for a while, which isn't the best feeling," says Oxford, in her first interview about the project. "But the entire process is really exciting. The possibility of an actual stay-at-home mom writing a family show is pretty cool."

Oxford's sardonic humour has earned her more than 66,000 followers on Twitter - including Alba, who used the social media site to contact her about working on a project together.

"She wanted a script written by a woman that was funny, and liked my voice," recalls Oxford. "So I told her: 'I did write something. I wrote this pilot.'"

Oxford had been collaborating on the sitcom with Marchinko, a mentor, for some time. CBS picked up the pilot in September but is only just going public with the news.

"Networks don't usually announce this sort of stuff because it's like saying you're two seconds pregnant," says Oxford. "But because Jessica is involved and I'm online and Jhoni is involved, it's more of a high-profile project."

The pilot is currently in rewrites, with no casting announcements having been made. But it's safe to say Oxford won't be playing herself on the show.

"I'm just going to be the writer," she says, laughing nervously. "Writers don't usually get talked about."

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