Young Hollywood's Five Stealthiest Couples

We always bitch when new couples hit the Hollywood scene and take advantage of every photo op possible, but when news broke that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds split, we weren't at all shocked because they took privacy a little too far.

Seriously, when did they ever hang out together? Not once did they pull a Brangelina and share a red carpet while slobbering all over each other (the only time it's sometimes acceptable).

So in ScarJo and Ryan's honor, we applaud those babes who balance the love-and-career stuff (pretty) well. Here are five of our fave stealthy young couples (in no partick order) who, funny enough, have never actually admitted to being couples:

1. Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene: Sure, we think this is more of a tabloid-perfect romance than the real deal, but in their defense, Gronas attempt to keep their love semi on the down-low. Aside from holding hands for the paparazzi, these two cuties keep their major PDAs out of magazines. We've heard many of the tonguing reports, true, but it's always at low-key joints—not your usual papped-out spots. Very nicely done.

2. Kate Bosworth and Alexander SkarsgÄrd: We're not happy our favorite piece of vampire ass is currently off the market, but we have slightly come around to Skars' less than fab choice, since Skarsworth aren't shoving it down our faces. Each time the blond babes are out together, we find it amusing they purposefully stand far enough apart so a shutterbug can't get a money shot. Aside from witnessing K and A get grabby at Coachella, these two fly way under cover, and it's not a bad move.

3. Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins: Color us shocked! We got word these two became close while filming Abduction, but it got quasi-serious without stirring the media pot. Taylor has already won over Lily's dad, Phil Collins, and she has made undocumented visits to the Breaking Dawn set. The real test will be how (or if) they dodge romance questions when it's time to promote their new flick. Predictions, anybody? We say he'll totally follow Ashley's noncommittal lead.

4.Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Speaking of perfectly dodged romance questions, enter Robsten, the covert lovers who wrote the book. It took over a year to convince some of you Nonstens that this couple was so on: "No pictures, no proof," many of you bitched and wailed. Well, after a few (albeit blurry) shots, no one is denying Rob and Kristen are an item now, yet neither Rob nor Kristen have confirmed they are dating! Robsten have the most perfectly balanced Hollywood relaysh, if you ask us.

5. Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift: Still budding Jaylor have spent five or so weekends together, and although grabbing coffee may be as hot as their relationship has gotten, we know these two are an item of sorts. No, not because they are perfectly staring into a paparazzi's camera while groping each other (in a way too PG way), but because both Taylor and Jake's friends can't stop yapping about it—tho the stars themselves are playing coy. Any bets on whether Tay shows up at the Golden Globes? We say no, which would be the smartest thing she's ever done since not fessing who "Dear John" was about. Girl knows how to play the game.

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