I am a social scientist by degree and by heart also. I believe in development not in the politics of development. There is difference between these two terms. Development means, a positive change in structure, processes, socio-economic aspect of people. It can be defined by some other way but the root of development is always similar to the above definition. And the politics of development is in one sense marketing of development. And I don’t think that marketing is not important but how you do it is very important. Business has at least some ethics on which they deal with but in the politics of development there is no place for ethics and ideals. The sales man of development has clear instruction to sale at any cost. Because there is no set standard in the market and no one regulates it. So you can sale a product at any cost by saying any specification, whether you had that specification or not, no one going to counter you because others are also following the same strategy. Here I would like to convey that political regulation in India is very poor.
I have gone to the some business aspect of politics but I must say that our politics have gone to the stage in which, we the common people have role like a spectator in the fixed match. In which we will cry, laugh and enjoy for the victory of our team but reality is, the victory and loss has been fixed by the playing teams before the match. Our emotions, sentiments, enjoyments, sadness and most importantly our thoughts have been controlled by some of these teams for their games and the game is fixed. We the common people don’t have option, the next channel has same story. You can understand how our political parties work.
You will be thinking that I am not coming on point, yeah that’s true because I was building the foundation for my thought “The new ideals of Indian politics”.  It’s not an easy topic but I would like to reflect my views on it because it’s important for me and others, who think Indian politics, must have good ideals for development. Below I am talking about what the current new ideals is working in Indian politics.

The first new ideals of Indian politics are, “there is no permanent friendship in politics”. The statement is approved by our current prime minister (DR. Manmohan Singh) also. What they want to prove by this, that they are cheater and cheating is not a big offence so they will do it every time for their political benefit. Why they feel that the political friendship which they have done is not the friendship of only two persons. It has been approved by lakh of people and if lakh and crores of people have approved this friendship, how can you break it without asking from those crores of people for your personal political benefit, if, it is not cheating then what? And this ideal is very common in Indian politics and leaders. You have seen the current break up of BJP and JDU in Bihar from NDA, 17 year friendship has been approved more than 5 times by “Janta” and they have divorced without asking from that “Janta”.  This is one example of new ideals of Indian politics a lot more is there. I don’t support this ideal and political parties must stop doing these types of cheap things.

The 2nd new ideals of Indian politics are “Why don’t you remember what you have done at the time of your government”. This is one another statement you would have listened thousand times by different spokesperson of top political parties at different news channels. They never thought that by blaming the past government on any issue doesn't have any solution to the current problem. But they just pinpointed the past of his opposition and opposition becomes silent and the ruling party assumes that they have solved the problem. Is this the right solution and answer for the people? No... Not at all but what to do, who will tell them that look Mr. Ruling party you have not given any solution, you have just recalled my painful past which I never want to remember.

The 3rd new ideals of Indian politics are “Secularism”. This word was so much used by our political party that many times, I have been confused and have gone to see the meaning of the word again and again. But every time it’s give me same meaning that –“the belief that religion should not be involved with the ordinary social and political activities of a country- Cambridge advanced learner dictionary”. And if I will go by this simple dictionary meaning, then no any party in this country can challenge that they are secular. All of them here or there have used religion for their political benefit and so that in India there is no secular party at all. Now it’s clear that no one is secular and trying to be secular for the politics of Vote. Now we also understand that the political party will not stop fighting on secularism, then why not we change our perspective and will give more importance to Nationalism. So why not we decide that we will only vote on nationalism and our political leader must have to talk about their nationalism rather than showing their fake secularism. The meaning of Nationalism is a belief, creed or political ideology that involves an individual identifying with, or becoming attached to, one’s Nation- Wikipedia  

The Indian politics has many more new ideals, which is meaningless, worthless and no use for the people of India. Our politics and leaders are not able to give meaningful way to the new generation. As a new generation guy, I would like to see three simple ideals in our political leaders and in our politics, 1st truthfulness towards people and system, 2nd vision & plan for the future India and 3rd his/her consideration of any individual of India as Indian. I think if our political representative will have only these three thing then that's enough for our country democracy and progress. 

Personal views of the author:Govind Kumar,
Project Manager (SC & ST Development Department, govt. of Odisha)

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