How Indian will Celebrate Diwali?

This is really a common man question that how people will celebrate this diwali. Due to the recent hike of prices in regular eatable things people are very worried. Salary is constant but prices are going frying everyday at new height. Corruption is one of the biggest reason in India for all the reasons. This is not the new story but in current fiscal of Congress Government it has increased too very high distance.

Saving is about to nothing in the account of people that's why Govt. has likely to increase FDI in retail, Insurance and more other sectors. I just want to put one question that is there no way to improve financial situation in India other than increasing prices and FDI. Cutting saving of common people is not the solution to improve conditions in India.

How do we get out from these problems this Diwali is the question to work upon. People have to work more and try to source some other alternatives to earn money. I know it is not possible for all because a lot of people are working in industries and they are limited source earn money like either they can over time. Be connected with people whom you know because it helps a lot to know new things.

Celebrate or not you can still send Diwali SMS/wishes to people. Love is everything. The best Things in festival is to live with your family, relatives and friends. Closeness with family and relatives give confidence and strength to do new.

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