Corruption and revolution of Anna

hi, yesterday i was watching tv news where four very known social personality wasa there to talk about the solution for corruption by lokpal bill .i am a student of Edi ahemadabad in PGDM development sector , so i have little bit interest on social welfair .ok it was about me now i would like to give a insight what they talk about.
anna statement: its a 2nd fight for national revolution ,so we have fight like what our legends done in our past for our independens.
he is looking for Bahagat Singh, Sukhdev and Subash Chandra bose in our genration ,it is possible? i dont know ,you know better him self.

He has a very sharp partner Mr.arvind kejriwal , and he is the person who make the every thing clear about the lokpal bill,
Mr.arvind kejriwal statement : he clearified that lokpal is not rulling every one ,it can be also desolveld ,and it works just like income tax of india which is indipendent body can manuplate Ministers and Judjes also for tax and oter tax related issues . lokpal is also work like that and solve the corruption issuses wether it is from a common Clerck staff or a Minister.
so i think we should do something ....further will be on next blog

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