Jailbreakers Release iOS 4.3.1 Hack for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV

Hackers have cracked opened the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system to install unauthorized apps on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Available from the famous Dev-Team jailbreakers, the iOS 4.3.1 exploit will work on every iOS device except the Verizon iPhone and iPad 2. That includes:

* iPhone 3GS
* iPhone 4 (GSM/AT&T)
* iPod Touch, third-generation and fourth-generation
* iPad, first-generation
* AppleTV, second-generation

Most customers primarily jailbreak their iOS devices to install Cydia, an underground app store serving unauthorized software. Especially popular in Cydia are utilities to enable free tethering to share an iOS device’s 3G internet connection with other devices. However, be warned that AT&T recently started cracking down on free tethering users, warning them that they will be charged if they don’t sign up for a legitimate tethering plan for at least $20 per month.

Owners of the Apple TV 2 will probably be jailbreaking their devices to install XBMC, an app that enables playback of almost every type of media file, including 1080p high-definition Blu-Ray rips. XBMC also enables customers to install add-ons for widgets, so it’s basically a mini app store for the Apple TV.

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