Top Ten Apps for the iPad and iPad 2

I love technology toys and I love apps. And when it comes to the iPad and now the iPad 2, there are a slew of apps for users to dive into. However, before you go exploring the app store, here are 10 must-have apps.

10. Zinio - FREE - Magazines cost per periodical and vary by issue - - From Rolling Stone to Car and Driver, Maxim Magazine - Zinio Newstand has you covered. A beautiful interface, smoothly flowing page turns and a gorgeous overall display, Zinio is the place to go for your magazine needs.

9. Weather Channel (Max) - Free and Paid Versions - - Need to get that updated forecast? (The Weather Channel) has this iPad app available for all you weatherphiles. A neat interface, coupled with spot-on updates make this app a must have for anyone that goes outside!

8. Apple iWork for iPad - Pricey at $9.99 per suite app - - Hands down, the most expensive office suite in the app store. There's a reason for that. It's the best. With stunning graphics, intuitive controls, this suite of applications, each separate from one another, flows perfectly and seemlessly. It's worth the investment. I promise.

7. Angry Birds - $4.99 - - I take perverse pleasure in annihalating the little pigs in this very popular game.

6. Pandora - FREE - - If you've never used Pandora, now is the time. Create your own channels of music. Tell Pandora what you like and it creates a custom channel just for you.

5. AP News - FREE - - Everyone not living under a rock knows who the AP are. (Associated Press) This is where most news channels get their news.

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