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Arts & Crafts, and other activities to engage your child’s creative side. Design your own treasure box, make fabulous jewelry, or learn to draw! Children can create a variety of items which are uniquely theirs.

Help inspire the artist in your child with one of our stamp sets, or the Melissa and Doug Storytelling paper. Is your child a budding fashionista? They can build their own jewelry with a bead set, or decorate their own Princess Mirror. Children can create hand-made, heart-felt gifts for parents and grandparents, as well. Nurturing your child’s creativity can also help with problem solving as they get older. Arts & Crafts are also great for rainy days, or parties!

Board and Strategy Games: Fun and educational board games for kids, family and friends. Generally simple to learn but challenging to master. Connect with friends and learn with board & strategy games!

Try some of our best selling games like Settlers of Catan, or Carcassonne. Explore travel and geography with the 10 Days… series, or math and geometry with Blokus, Equate, or the Roll n’ series. Some of our favorite games are the visually simple, mentally inviting logic games such as Abalone, Linja and Gipf. Playing games is a great way to bring families closer together with laughter and healthy competition. Educational games also contribute to learning, and useful skill sets.

Brainteasers: Dozens of the best brainteasers! Mind-expanding, stimulating games for waking up and developing those sleepy synapses. Many of these are designed for solitary play, but they can be worked on with others.

Build up your mental muscles with these challenging brain toys. Navigate your way through Rush Hour, Tipover, or other engaging ThinkFun titles. Many of these items are self-contained and will make excellent travel toys. These games and puzzles are not only for children – but adults as well. Games and puzzles have been shown to contribute to the prevention of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Keep your brain in shape, and give it regular exercise!

Card Games: Card games come in many varieties, from strategy games to math games, from simple playing cards to word games. They are generally easy to transport, easy to learn, and lots of fun!

Whether it’s everyone’s favorite Out of the Box word game, Apples to Apples, or the wacky and varied Gamewright card games, we have something to appeal to any taste. For a deck-building challenge with family or friends, try Dominion. We even have Mindtrap Classic Conundrum cards so you can play solo logic puzzles on the go. Our decks of ‘regular’ cards also have images and facts that contribute to learning. Shuffle some fun into your game-playing routine!

Classic Games: Games that have been played over the millennia (or at least since your parents were children), from chess to mancala, from pick-up-sticks to marbles. These games have stood the test of time!

Games deemed worthy of taking the title of “classic” posses easy to learn rules, quality craftsmanship, are difficult to master and are played from one generation to the next. These games are well-known, and often shared around the world: Senet from Egypt, Kings Table and Noble Celts from the British Isles, Mancala from Africa, and Go from Japan. Many of these games are presented in beautiful wooden editions, which will last to be passed on to future generations. Pick up a childhood favorite, or teach yourself a new classic!

Educational Toys: Educational toys are essential to nurture a growing mind. Help your child with basic learning: shapes, colors, numbers, and the alphabet. Lay the groundwork for success, while having fun!

With quality brain toys from companies such as Melissa and Doug, you can’t go wrong. Help your child to understand letters and numbers early, to give them a boost when they start school. Pattern and block building sets will start developing your child’s artistic side, while Melissa and Doug’s Band in a Box appeals to their musical nature. Some of these classic toys have been around for generations – and many of these items are presented in solid, durable wood containers to pass the learning on to the next generation.

Foreign Language Games: Looking to improve your familiarity with other languages or find a game in your native tongue? Enjoy these unilingual, bilingual, trilingual or even quadrilingual games.

Playing a game is a great way to practice when learning a foreign language. It is also a helpful way to upkeep your skills on languages you may not use as often. Help your child to learn facets of another culture through their language. If your family is multi-cultural, games are a great way to get everyone together. Jeu en francais, juego en español, שחק בעברית,, or gioco in italiano!

Geography Games: Learning geography has never been so much fun. Hone your knowledge of the world while you travel, search and build in a variety of games.

Explore the United States by building a puzzle, or planning a travel route in the 10 Days… series. Take the learning on the road with the License Plate Game, and challenge your family in the car. Go on an international tour with Transeuropa and Where in the World?. Pick up a deck of Prof. Noggin’s cards and be swept away with facts, trivia and challenges. How far can your mind travel? Only you can say!

History Games: History games allow us to learn from and about our past, and sometimes seeing how it might have turned out differently. Learn the facts – the fun way!

Sharpen your strategy at the Battle of Bunker Hill or see if you are savvy enough to be a Jamestowne Survivor. Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past and Remember the Alamo! Think you know who said that? Pick up Don’t Quote Me and prove it! Whether you prefer to think on your feet or strategize, there are many ways for you to make history!

Imaginative Play: Creative toys inspire creative play. Give your child the tools to grow their imaginations, and spark that fire of creativity!

Does your child want to romp with the dinosaurs? Set up their own Civil War battles? Tend to a farm full of alpacas? Act out a play with an all-puppet cast, and then have a Melissa and Doug Pizza Party to celebrate. We have the brain toys to set up all sorts of scenarios for play. Whether your child enjoys baking cookies or flying with the dragons, we can provide the inspirations!

Math Games: Math games can help with learning basic math concepts, like addition and subtraction, as well as more specific concepts like fractions, geometry, and money handling. Play for fun, or to learn!

Help your child to become more comfortable and skilled with math by using the concepts in play. Use simple addition and subtraction with 7 Ate 9, or 24 Game Add/Subtract. Move on to multiplication and division with Roll ‘n Multiply, or Primepak. Go over specific concepts – like money handling with Flip ‘n Link Money, or patterns and geometry with Mindtrap: Geometrical Riddles. Tie learning in to fun and help your child succeed!

Novelty and Gift Books: These books are wonderful not only as gifts, but to read, and display on your bookshelf as well. With a wealth of interesting and fun information, these books are well-received wherever they go!

Fantasy and whimsy, humor, or hard facts: gift books present a variety of topics in a beautiful way. Many of the books will contain lift-the-flap pictures and information, and removable inserts containing specialized details. With every turn of the page, you are greeted with a surprise: beautiful images, unexpected pop-ups, and pull-tab changes. These books are hard to put down – and even harder to give away!

Other: This is our category for items so original that we had to give them an area to shine. Unique games and helpful accessories to make you say “How did they think of that?”

Creative magnetic brain toys like Magnetude, X-Ball and Y-Ball are excellent at developing creative thinking and problem solving for children, as well as being a great stress relief toy at the office. Develop strategy, spatial skills and critical thinking with Inverse and Chromino. Develop an eye for pattern recognition with Q-Bitz and Set Cubed. Not just for children – these games are challenging for adults as well. See what Other has to offer you!

Party Games: Bring the party with you – these games are great for ice breakers or just plain fun with friends and family.

These are some of our best-selling, and favorite, games. Get to know your friends and family members with icebreakers like Apples to Apples or Hit or Miss. Can you see what your neighbor sees? Play Squint and find out! Discuss and expand your vocabulary with Dixit, My Word, and PDQ. Bring your family together, and get to know your friends with what will probably become your favorite games.

Puzzles: Whether for solitary or group enjoyment, puzzles have always been a fun way to while away the time.Whether you prefer brainteasers like the 3-D Magna Puzzles, or more traditional fare, completing a puzzle is a very satisfying feeling. We offer puzzles to appeal to a range of ages, and tastes. We have educational peg puzzles for the very young, and work up through different piece counts for more advanced players. We also carry floor puzzles, so that the play can continue once the puzzle is completed. Our geography puzzles, like Geopuzzle World, are educational as well as helping with logic and spatial reasoning.

Science Games & Kits: Learn about the world around you, and experiment to find out how things work.

Encourage your budding meteorologist with a Weather Kit, or your young astronomer with Star Pilot. Let your child explore materials with Chemistry Wiz. More interested in electricity? Take a look at the Snap Circuits, and spark their imaginations with excitement! These brain toys offer a hands-on, interesting way to teach your child scientific concepts. If your child is more of a researcher, the Prof. Noggin series teaches with trivia, games, and lots of great information on a variety of topics!

Toddler/Preschool: Educational toys and games to nurture your child’s developing mind.

Help your child interact with the alphabet with the Melissa and Doug Alphabet Nesting Stack. Let them explore beyond color and shape with the Beginner Pattern Blocks, or the Architectural Unit Building Blocks. Get your child moving in active play with the Get Up and Go Hand Sandwich Game. Provide items to enrich your child’s early development, to help them flourish as they grow older.

Travel Games: Take your favorite games on-the-go, or try something new!

Looking for travel toys that are also educational? Look no further! ThinkFun logic games, like Gordian’s Knot and Rush Hour, provide hours of enjoyment and are designed to be used on-the-go. Encourage friendly competition in the back seat with Pocket Yamslam, Bear Hunt, or Blokus Travel. Get the whole family involved with Flip-to-Win Hangman, License Plate Game, and Are We There Yet?. Enjoy your next road trip!

Word Games: Exhibit your extensive lexicon, and help your child to develop one of their own. Spelling, word formation, and different parts of speech are all addressed in the games below.

Start with simple word formation with What’s Gnu, and My First Words. Get more advanced with Bananagrams, Quiddler, and Snatch-It. Tackle spelling with Spelling Beez, or sentence formation with You’ve Been Sentenced. Language is an important part of communication. These games can help develop language skills, to aid your child in reading, writing, and speaking.

Children’s Fiction: Please select a Sub-Category below to view our entire selection of Fiction titles. Never know what book to buy for the special "little person" in your life? Overwhelmed by choices? We've done all the work for you in this section, choosing only the top-rated children's fiction, both new releases and old favorites.

We select books using exacting standards, and research to determine whether the book is of suitable quality for us to include in our selections. We look at popular series, and see if the book will be educational as well. We aim to select books that not only are well-written and entertaining, but cover subject matters that children want to read. Books are so important to a child’s education – we only want to provide the best.

Children’s Non-Fiction: Please click on a Sub-Category to view a complete listing of all of our educational Non-Fiction books. We have chosen only top-rated children’s nonfiction to provide the best quality of educational materials that we can.

We select books using exacting standards, and research to determine whether the book is of suitable quality for us to include in our selections. We aim to select books that not only are well-written and entertaining, but cover subject matters that children want to read. It is important that our educational selections are not only factually correct, but up-to-date as well. Books are so important to a child’s education – we only want to provide the best.

Activity Books: Please click on a Sub-Category to view a complete listing of all of our Activity Books. We have chosen only top-rated children’s books to provide the best quality of materials that we can.

We select books using exacting standards, and research to determine whether the book is of suitable quality for us to include in our selections. We aim to select books that are well-written and entertaining and cover subject matters that children want to read. We hope that our selections encourage children to read, play, draw, cook, knit, and really participate in the world around them.

Books for Adults: We have chosen only top-rated titles, to provide the best quality materials that we can for discerning readers.

We select books using exacting standards, and research to determine whether the book is of suitable quality for us to include in our selections. We aim to select books that are well-written and entertaining and cover a subject matter that is engaging. We hope you will find the selections thought-provoking.

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