How to Use Social Media for SEO

How to Use Social Media for SEO
Social Media plays an important role in how people use the Web these days. That is already affecting the way many people work, into their personal lives. In 2014, eMarketer estimates that 65% of all U.S. Internet users use social networks. We know that Google now uses the algorithm of "social graph" is a sign of authority. From the perspective of a site, increasing the ranking of your website using search engine optimization (SEO), you may be interested to know that the media influence ranking for specific keywords. Here are two key areas in the use of social media for SEO:

# Make sure you have a presence in the top social media sites - where your target audience.
Remember to think "SEO" here. This recommendation may not be valid in the distant future, but now in 2011, is valid. Top social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube has more "authority" of an SEO perspective - which means that their influence on the algorithm of Google, more than any other place of social media. By establishing a strong presence on these platforms, you can make your site more authority for specific keywords for ranking search results. Here are some of the tactics:

1. [Facebook, YouTube and Twitter] Create a custom page. Add a link to your website bio on your profile.
2. [Facebook, Twitter and YouTube] Make t (real) friends and disciples. If these sites are already linked to your audience, you have your niche and communication influential speakers from the agency.
3. [Youtube] add a link in the description each time a new video
4. [Facebook and Twitter] automate updates to your profile page to your blog or newspaper articles of the news.
5. [Twitter] Brave "retweet" articles on your website
6. [Facebook] Brave "Taste" pages and articles to your website
7. [Youtube] Brave "credited" to your website

# Places social objectives related to the mass audience.
It is essential for users. Forums, wikis, blogs or other online communities related to your niche market are good places to start your website SEO to influence. Why? Why: Search engines give importance to the signals coming from sources related to the topic. Here are some tactics to consider:

1. [Forum] contribute actively to respond to user queries. Add a search engine signal (link) in your signature or your profile page. Make sure you know the forum rules to avoid prohibited. All comments should be relevant and your intention should be aligned with the "positive contribution".
2. [Calendar] actively in response to articles related to you. To avoid marked as spam, the comments should be relevant and its intention is to focus on a "positive contribution".
3. [Calendar] In a niche blog, wrote an article about a subject not covered or subject that can be added to the quality or encourage debate. Leave a signal in the article is useful for the community and is recognized by a search engine.
4. [Wiki] If your website or web page, a wiki page is worth the added value of this wiki page, use the "external links". Again, the intention of putting its signal nothing more than "information" and "can add value."

Finally, the media is more than a trend - it's a movement. Want to see it as an obvious means for connecting users and wants to implement social media as the core of their web strategy.


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