Apple iPad 2 to feature HD video capture

The hotly-anticipated Apple iPad 2 looks set to launch with 720p HD video capture, according to in-depth analysis of iOS 4.3 beta.

According to a report from web developer Web developer Chris Galzerano, the third-iteration of iOS 4.3 beta, which was released earlier this week, seems to hold evidence that Apple’s second-generation tablet will launch with support for 720p HD video capture. Although earlier rumours claimed that the iPad 2 would sport a measly 1 megapixel rear-facing camera, Galzerano has also spotted evidence confirming that it will in fact be toting a 3 megapixel snapper.

That’s not all a lengthy dig around iOS 4.3 revealed either, as it also confirms the device will launch with a front-facing snapper with FaceTime and PhotoBooth support, an integrated digital compass and “displayport”, allowing the iPad to connect to external moniters and televisions.

Although unconfirmed, we can also expect the Apple iPad 2 to launch with a more tapered form factor that its older sibling, SB connectivity, a large speaker grill, FaceTime support, a 3-axis gyroscope for advanced gaming and a more powerful processor than its predecessor.

Apple look set to launch the iPad 2 later this month, with an April release to follow.

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