Sony unveiling new PlayStation Portable next week

The long-rumored successor to the PlayStation Portable could possibly make its worldwide debut next week, according to Bloomberg.

The report says Sony will unveil a new version of the PSP handheld during an event on January 27. Bloomberg also says the company will announce a game-playing smartphone in February.

A Sony spokesperson declined to offer comment to Bloomberg on the report.

To say there have been plenty of rumors circulating around the Web about a new PSP and a game-friendly smartphone is an understatement. Readers have likely seen the alleged prototype images, the reports of dual thumbsticks and a touch screen, and the claim that it will be as powerful as a PlayStation 3.

The Bloomberg report arrives as the PSP finds itself overshadowed by Nintendo's more popular DS -- which gets a 3-D upgrade in March -- and Apple's iPod Touch, which is gaining ground in the video game handheld market and has introduced some more "hardcore" friendly titles such as Infinity Blade and Rage.

Sony's last upgrade for the PlayStation Portable debuted in October 2009 with the launch of the PSP Go, a more streamlined version of the device that drops game and movie discs in favor of digital downloads. While sleek, the Go was criticized for being overpriced.


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