How to reduce bounce rate of a website?

it depends
1) say they were looking for query "how many litters in 5 gallons" or "whats my ip" and your page contained the answer - they got what they needed and never clicked another link on your site

2) alternatively, if they were looking for "gadget A review" and you have the "gadget A" review split into multiple pages + comparison and reviews of related gadgets B,D, and Q - they would stay awhile to read more

3) alternatively, they were looking for "gadget A review" and you have "gadget A price $14.99 0 user reviews" - they will leave since this is not what they were looking for

To reduce the bounce rate, you have to analyze the keywords and your website. content on the website should be unique and relevant to services you providing so that visitors will like it navigate the more page and conversion rate ll increase. so do keyword research and analysis and the optimize your site for right keyword.


I think you should track how much keywords visited by end user track them and then update your content on regular basis sometime it happen when end user come with different mind set and don't get from website you need to write more your keywords specific content and update it on regular basis that will help you secondly write more your product or services related Article with some regular interval so end user will come to know more about your products


Few things you have to do in your site to keep the visitor busy in your site pages
1) good color contrast background
2) more useful informative content
3) track the exit pages and entrance sources
4) Do content optimization
5) lack of good navigation
6) use of cool images

Redesign your site with google guidelines. Make your web page for visitor not for Search engine is the bottom line


Use descriptive phrases in the title tag of your website.
The bottom of the page is an extremely effective area for placing links to related content. Many a blogger raved that links located in this area of a web page actually get clicked on. Many people use ads there, but it's really a trade off beween monetizing your pages and decreasing the bounce rate of your site—it's your decision—choose wisely!
Join community websites that allow you to advertise your website in your forum signature.
Make your website easy to navigate. It may have the great content, but is it accessible?
Increase quality of content and care about your visitors. Make it easy for them to navigate the site.
Add more interactive content to your website.
Give users more options to choose from on the page.
Play around with different page layouts to see which one works best.
Use prominent, visible links that are easy to notice in a glance, point them to featured articles. This is like giving your site a second chance.
Anticipate visitor's interests and needs, and build your content and layout based on the logic you deduct.
By organizing the content on your webpages, you save visitors valuable time and you make it easy to find things they might be interested in.
Use subtle call-to-action phrases within the content (text links) right after the link in the same or next sentences.
If the visitors recognize the purpose of a website, they are likely to take advantage of it. This will decrease bounce rate.

Large volumes volumes of first-time visitors will increase the bounce rate of your website.
Attract visitors from Digg or StumbleUpon.
Fooling the visitor with the title tag, meta keywords or meta description tags, that your website is about content it does not contain.
People who come to your website from your own RSS feed will contribute to increasing the bounce rate of your website because it is common for them to be only interested in recent articles. These people have already read the ones you have published in the past! See? This doesn't mean high bounce rate is a bad thing! As you can now see, user loyalty can increase the bounce rate.
Using iframes with analytics code on your site.
Linking to the original source of where you got the content idea from. This should remind us to write original content. Let us be that original source for other publishers!
Make your website someone's homepage/startpage. Although, this is not always the case. An established custom start-page website that implies using it as a homepage ( has average bounce rate of about %40 to %50.

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