How and where do commenting?

Comment posting is one of the most quick to get backlinks for site. Very few SEO friends adopt commenting for backlinks but i strongly suggest you to do it. It is valuable and worthy. No-follow blogs and Low approve rate are two biggest concerns in comment posting. I ensure your success with commenting, follow the below tips to get high approval while commenting:Comment posting site must be related to your topic
  1. First Find out Do-Follow blogs
  2. Site should be updated
  3. Explain your comments smartly
  4. Write relevant comment on site and if you are not first then try to reply above comments
  5. Be first to comment
  6. Comment should not be product targeted
  7. Must include expression and exclamation
  8. Long comment get fast approval
  9. Get link on your name or put your link in comment box also include your business location
  10. Many blogs provide links on keyword, put keyword as a name
  11. Find blogs from, there you can find recent blog post and relevant category
  12. Do competitor backlink analysis for getting some relevant blog links
  13. Before commenting also look above blog comments or another posts for analyzing blogs are giving link for you or not and if giving then what ways
  14. Commenting requires deep knowledge of that particular topic, it coverts fast approval.

How do you observe it? Waiting for your feedback...

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