Hawaii 'to sell copies of Barack Obama's birth certificate' for $100

Hawaii may sell copies of President Barack Obama's birth certificate to anyone for $100 (£63) in an attempt to end scepticism over where he was born.
Democrat politicians have introduced a bill in the state legislature which would change a current privacy law.

That law bars the release of birth records unless the request is made by someone with a tangible interest, such as a close family member or a court.

The new move is an attempt to placate so-called "birthers" who claim there is no proof Mr Obama was born in the United States, and that he is therefore ineligible to be president.

The Obama campaign issued a certification of live birth in 2008, an official document from the state showing the president's birth details in Hawaii.

Notices were also published in two local newspapers within days of his birth at a Honolulu hospital.

But Governor Neil Abercrombie, who knew Mr Obama as a child, has been prevented from releasing birth information held by the state because of its privacy law.

Hawaii politician Rida Cabanilla, who is sponsoring the new bill, said: "If it passes, it will calm the birthers down. All these people are still doubting it because they don't want the birth certificate from Obama. They want it from our state office." He said the $100 fee would help to offset the extra work by state employees who currently handle frequent inquiries from people who want proof of Mr Obama's birth in Hawaii.

The bill said: "The continually increasing number of requests have caused the department of health distress as state resources, including employee time and energy, have to be diverted from other department responsibilities."


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