Keeping your Mac, iPhone and Data Safe: Tech Lockdown Part 1

Apple has really work on pretty good job of making sure your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are safe from remote hackers, and Mac OS X and iOS ships with built-in features to help keep prying eyes away from your personal files. Knowing how to use those tools, and what to do if your gear is lost or stolen, however, is up to you.

The best way to make sure your files and equipment are safe is to never let either slip out of your physical control. Anyone that can get to your computer or iOS device has a much higher likelihood of being able to look at or copy documents, or even walk away with expensive gear.

Leaving your computer, iPhone or iPad unattended even for a minute — like to run back up to the counter at your favorite coffee shop — is plenty of time for your expensive and potentially irreplaceable equipment to walk off never to be seen again.

If you have to leave your Mac unattended in public consider investing in a cable lock system. If you work where the public has easy access — or can see into — your office, cable locks are a great idea, too. Most Macs ship with a cable lock slot built-in, and securing your computer to a desk is often all it takes to keep honest people free from temptation and push thiefs on to easier targets.

The MacBook Air, both the original model and the new 13-inch and 11-inch ultra light models, are missing the security cable feature, so they can’t be locked to tables and other objects. The 11-inch MacBook Air is small enough that it can easily be pocketed and stolen from your coffee shop table with anyone noticing, too.


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