Cong to strike middle path on terror: After Wikileaks blushes

New Delhi: Apparently embarrassed over the WikiLeaks controversy involving Rahul Gandhi's remarks on "radicalized Hindu groups", Congress is likely to strike the middle path on the issue of terror at its Plenary beginning on Sunday. The party in its political resolution will emphasize that terror

Rahul warned US of growing Hindu terror:
Wikileaks Rahul dividing India, speaking for Pakistan, says BJP Rahul Gandhi clarifies, says against all forms of terror has no color or religion, party sources said. Drafts of all the four resolutions for the Plenary on political, economic, international affairs and 125 years of the party have been finalized by the Draft Committee chaired by Pranab Mukherjee and they will be adopted by Sonia Gandhi led Subjects Committee in its meeting on Saturday.

An indication of the party's stand on the issue of terror was evident with Rahul Gandhi himself clarifying that "terrorism and communalism of all types are a threat to India. We need to remain vigilant against acts of terrorism of all kinds no matter who commits them."

The statement released on his behalf by AICC general secretary Janardan Dwivedi came after Rahul's remarks in leaked US diplomatic cables drew a sharp response from BJP and RSS.

According to the leaked cable, Rahul had told US Ambassador Timothy Roemer that growth of "radicalized Hindu groups" which create religious tensions in India could pose a bigger threat to the country than activities of groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The statement was also the first acknowledgement from the Congress that Gandhi had indeed talked to Roemer on the issue.

The initial reaction of the Congress on the issue was one of dilemma with party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi saying, "We will respond to it after verifying the facts. There is no reason to react in an excited manner. The issue should first be looked into and verified".

Party spokesperson Manish Tewari while accusing the BJP of "communalizing and politicizing each issue" said, "It has been the Congress belief that terrorism has no religion."

A senior party leader speaking on condition of anonymity said that Congress stand on the issue of terror has always been well-known that it does not believe that terrorism is linked to any religion. He said that Rahul Gandhi is also saying the same thing.

Asked about Rahul's comments in the cable, the Congress leader pointed out that there could be difference between what was actually said and what was reported because a fair amount of interpretation and analysis goes into the making of any report which a diplomat sends to his country.

Ruling out any attempt to verify the leak, the leader said the party does not attach that much importance to WikiLeaks cable as "every diplomat in every country" sends such reports regularly to the home country.

"If everything is commented upon it will lead to a chaos," he said, adding the matter is a closed chapter for the party now.

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